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Science: Introduction: Institutions & People


A number of universities, research institutes and Non-Governmental organizations have played an important role in the field of science. It is worth examining their websites for further information on the work they do and what their empahsis and specialisation is.  

Famous Scientists in History

Who's Who

The field of science counts a number of famous scientists. In addition, there are a number of prizes in the various science fields, have a look at the sites highlighted below and the biographies of these famous scientists. 

The Wolf Prizes in physics and chemistry are often considered the most prestigious awards in those fields after the Nobel Prize.  Here is a list of the Nobel prize winners in Physics and those in Chemistry.  Winners of the MacArthur Fellowship are often very interesting and creative young individuals as can be seen by the short bios of the following people:

Kelly Benoit-Bird is a marine biologist who uses sophisticated acoustic engineering techniques to explore the previously invisible behavior of ocean creatures at scales ranging from swarms distributed over many cubic kilometers to individual predators. 

Markus Greiner is an experimental physicist who is advancing our capacity to control the spatial organization of ultra-cold atoms with the aim of revealing basic principles of condensed matter physics. 

My Hang Huynh is a scientist working at the boundary of organic and inorganic chemistry to devise novel techniques for synthesizing highly energetic compounds. Energetic compounds such as explosives are employed in a wide variety of applications but pose hazards in two respects: thermostability and environmental contamination.