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Art: Social Media & Audio/Video

TED Talk

Art and Inquiry: Museum Teaching Strategies

Sign up at The course Art and Inquiry: Museum Teaching Strategies For Your Classroom by Lisa Mazzola from The Museum of Modern Art will be offered free of charge to everyone on the Coursera platform.

99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a tiny radio show about design, architecture

& the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world.



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Daily Serving

DailyServing is an expansive, international source for ground-breaking contemporary art, with a huge network of writers spanning the globe. The DailyServing team is dedicated to providing these resources for free to readers world-wide, so that everyone–regardless of location–can benefit from the abundance of amazing contemporary art happening around the world.

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Art 21 Magazine

Art21 Magazine provides a space for insightful writing on contemporary art and artists. Regular columns, original editorial features, exclusive videos and interviews, and previously unpublished content from Art21’s rich archive all mirror the organization’s approach to stimulating critical reflection.

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Other social media

Besides the blogs, podcasts, online courses and Youtube videos included in this guide, information can also be found in other social media.  A number of museums and artists are on Twitter and have their own blogs or FaceBook pages. is a new aggregator for social media - experiment with it using the suggested search terms and see what resources it results in.

Here is a list of other blogs that may be worth following.